The purpose of meditation is self-realization and liberation, but it’s a journey to get there. Meditation is actually a learned skill, it’s not something we are born knowing how to do. With that being said, most people find that it’s a daunting task at first, then give up before they see the benefits that mindfulness can truly bring. Allow me to help you enhance your self-awareness while you uncover your truth, release trapped emotions, learn to love yourself, and manifest your desires all through the power of meditation!

Having a meditation coach can help you connect to your own energy source so you can begin to feel happier inside and out.

Meditation is a powerful and natural treatment for people who suffer from depression and anxiety. Meditation will improve your health by strengthening your immune system, reducing your blood pressure, and lowering cholesterol levels. Most people think meditation means clearing your head and being in silence, but that is not the modern way to meditate. We have busy lives and if we waited for that perfect quiet time to meditate, let’s face it… it wouldn’t happen. Through my training at Ziva Meditation, I can teach you techniques you can use anywhere.


Meditation Coaching (1 month program)
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