I created this program to help you connect with your spiritual self. To look deep inside and learn to speak to your angels and guides. This program is designed to give you a spiritual awakening. If you’ve been asking yourself, why do I feel like I’m missing something? Why are these things happening to me? Why do I feel off-balance with life? Then this is the program for you. We connect with your source energy, by learning to trust your intuition, and listening to your inner voice. By doing this we begin to awaken your senses, your third eye, and have a lot of fun along the way! We meet once a week for one whole year!

This is a total transformation package giving you all the tools you’ll need to have a total transformation. This is 52 individual sessions, (1-year program). Here you will get one on one coaching, worksheets, guided meditations, and learn so much about yourself along the way. With this program you will get personalized angel card readings, and recieve the audio recording of all your sessions.  We will work together to achieve your goals and make plans to get things done.

If you put in the effort, trust the process, and are willing to make a shift then this program is exactly what’s you’ve been looking for!

Are you ready to make that shift, and have a total transformation inside and out?


This package also comes with an audio download of all your coaching calls. If you’d like an MP4 video, you can purchase those separately.

52 individual sessions, (1-year program)
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